Pre & Postnatal

Whether pregnant or a new mum, Pilates is the perfect form of exercise which is tailored to your changing body.

Before practising Pilates, it’s important to check with your doctor or practitioner to obtain permission to exercise. Students are required to fill out and return this pre/postnatal enrolment form to ensure that all your physical requirements are being met safely.

prenatalblocksPrenatal classes

During a woman’s pregnancy, her body undergoes drastic physiological changes that, while completely natural, often cause discomfort, pain and even lasting health problems as muscles, joints and ligaments stretch and change in order to accommodate her growing baby. It is also quite common for an expectant mother to feel alienated from her own body as it alters so rapidly. Pilates can help ease practitioners through this experience by helping both their body and mind to adjust as their pregnancy progresses.

By practising Pilates during your pregnancy you can:

– Strengthen your core muscles to provide greater support to you and your baby
– Condition and educate your pelvic floor to ready the body for labour
– Maintain good posture as your body changes
– Improve your circulation to reduce swelling and discomfort
– Reduce insomnia, increase energy and relieve stress

Students are advised to wait until the 14th week of their pregnancy before practising and that they consult their doctor beforehand.

PostnatallPostnatal classes

Following the birth of their child, women can suffer from a variety of different health complications as their body tries to readjust. Pilates can aid the body in its natural repair and help reduce aches and pains during the recovery. It also functions as a fantastic, low-impact form of exercise to help women get back into shape and regain their figure.

By practicing Pilates after your birth you can:

– Tone your abdominal muscles and recover your pelvic floor
– Improve your posture and alleviate aches and pains
– Strengthen your upper body to help you care for your baby
– Increase energy and reduce fatigue
– Enjoy some much needed “me time” to relax and recharge

New mums are advised to wait 6 weeks after a normal delivery, or 8 – 12 weeks after a Caesarian section before beginning postnatal Pilates.

I am fully certified to teach pre and postnatal Pilates and am experienced working with diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain and c-section.