About Pilates


In just eighty years, Pilates has come to be recognised by the medical community, fitness experts and by its millions of practitioners worldwide as a versatile and accessible technique which can contribute to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

As a child, aspiring athlete Joseph Pilates struggled with illness and chronic health problems such as asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. Driven by a desire to improve his health, he trained in a variety of physical disciplines including yoga, gymnastics and martial arts. He refined these disparate elements into a revolutionary form of exercise which would come to be known as the Pilates Method.

Practitioners of Pilates learn how to improve their strength and flexibility through controlled movement. Pilates focuses on strengthening your core muscles, improving your balance, sharpening your coordination and correcting your posture. The practice is also extremely therapeutic, relieving stress and aiding robust mental health due to its incorporation of concentrated and controlled breathing exercises.

Consistent Pilates training will:

– Build longer, leaner muscles
– Increase your flexibility, body awareness, and concentration
– Improve your posture, coordination, and balance
– Decrease incidence of back pain
– Help prevent injury
– Give you a flatter stomach and trimmer waist
– Improve your performance in sports
– Elongate and stabilize your spine
– Increase your joint mobility
– Maintain your strength and function at any age

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